Friday, November 4, 2011

Edwin Colón Zayas │ The Master Cuatro Player From Puerto Rico

Edwin Colón Zayas is the best cuatro player on this Planet Earth.  No one even comes close to his supernatural, and preternatural talents.  The cuatro is the national instrument of Puerto Rico and it is used very often in Jibaro ensembles.  Edwin was born on October 27, 1965 in Orocovis, Puerto Rico.  He is the eldest son of a family of five musicians.  Edwin was responsible for saving the cuatro in the 1970s and 1980s, when it had fallen out of musical favor, and its very existence was being threatened.  To listen and watch Edwin play the cuatro is pure magic.  His left hand moves so gracefully that it is almost like a dance.  Edwin has a really cool website that can be found at this link:  Edwin Colón Zayas - Official Website  Please click on this link to purchase Edwin's beautiful CD "100% Puertorriqueno" from 100 % Puertorriqueno In this edition of Chandu The Magician we feature Edwin Colón Zayas performing in two wonderful videos.

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