Sunday, October 30, 2011

إنسان Insan (Man) │ Hamza Namira

In this edition of Chandu The Magician I am featuring a fantastic singer from Egypt by the name of Hamza Namira.  I was very touched by "إنسان Insan (Man)", which by-the-way, was composed by Hamza.  "Insan" is very evocative and filled with intense emotion and beautiful nostalgia.  I really love this song.  Not only that, but the video of "Insan" has incredibly high production values, and is a real pleasure to watch.  As you have probably noticed, Chandu The Magician is a blog of international themes, and Hamza's music is a perfect fit for it.  Please click on this link to purchase an MP3 of "Insan" from Insan - Hamza Namira

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